Frame Building with Bilenky.

Stephen Bilenky the man behind the award-winning frames of Bilenky Cycle Works recently returned to Metal Guru to teach a Fillet Brazed Frame Building Class to two eager students. With 30 years of professional frame building experience, Stephen is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. He also has an excellent wit and sense of humor and his lectures were informative and technical but still engaging.

Scott Schofield of Indigo Custom Bicycles who builds custom lugged frames enrolled in the class so he could refine his techniques in fillet brazed construction to better serve customers that might require a specific geometry and tubing diameters that lugged construction methods might not be able to produce. Scott chose to build a sloping top tube cyclo-cross frame with a roomy 32+ tire clearance, an oversize tube set, rim brakes and S-bend rear stays.

Chris H. built a custom sized road frame for his wife with a geometry suited to long distance riding. Due to her smaller stature Chris decided to use 26″ diameter rims rather than either 650c or 700c. Chris decided to go with a tube set with traditional tubing diameters to keep the ride feel compliant and chose to use straight rear stays for the simple clean aesthetic.

The following gallery shows their progress through the class.

A student list already forming for another class, please email or call (845)883-4303 ext. 2 if you are interested. A description of the class details can be found here.

Thanks for everything Stephen. Great work Chris and Scott!


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Stosh T. decided to name his new frame after his dog Lux.

The following gallery shows some photos of both the finished frame and fully assembled bike.

Great work Stosh! Enjoy!


Stosh T. paints.

Stosh T. decided to continue his education with Metal Guru by learning the basics of bicycle frame painting using his newly created road frame as a subject.

Here are some photos of his progress through the class.


This bike goes to eleven.

While you are out riding your ten-speed bike in high gear where can you go from there? You’re at ten, all the way up. Nowhere. Exactly.

Well, when Stosh T. needs that extra push off the cliff, do you know what he does? He shifts to eleven. It’s one faster, isn’t it? It’s not ten.

While studying at Metal Guru Stosh T. decided to create an eleven speed internally geared road frame with larger tires to soak up the bumps and potholes, yet lively enough perform quick maneuvers in the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Equipped with rack, fender and additional water bottle mounts this bike is also ready to venture outside of the city on whatever back road Stosh T. chooses.

The following gallery includes some photos that document the progress Stosh T. made while creating this new bike at Metal Guru.

Good work Stosh.