Taipei Cycle 2014.

I recently had the good fortune of attending the 2014 Taipei International Cycle Show. This was my second visit to both the show and the island of Taiwan. My first trip in 2008, did not include the time to see the rich culture of the island, so this time I made sure there was a day to explore Taipei at the end of the trip.

My trip begin taking the high speed rail down to Taichung to visit various bicycle manufacturing facilities. The Taiwanese are extremely proficient at producing high quality products in volume, which is evident in at all times within each factory. Next, I traveled to Taipei and attended the trade show. I’m sure you will find the following gallery from my trip to be quite a captivatingĀ  look into another side of bicycle manufacturing and a great cultural experience.



click on any photo for caption and to begin slide show.

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  1. These are awesome Carl! Thank you for sharing!

  2. peter s says:


  3. Deb Howard says:

    Hey Carl,That is so cool that you went to Taipei! Glad you are going global.

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