Fillet Brazing with Bilenky

Metal Guru is proud to annlighting torchounce the return of guest instructor Stephen Bilenky of Bilenky Cycle Works, who will be teaching a course in fillet brazed steel bicycle frame building. The class will be limited to two students and Carl Schlemowitz will be co-instructor, so there will be a one to one ratio between student and teacher. The class will be 68 hours over 8 1/2 days. The two spring 2015 class dates scheduled are March 30 through April 8  and June dates TBA with no class on Sunday. The course cost is $3750. Interested students should please send an email to or call Carl at (845)883-4303 ext. 2. Students will finish course with a completed frame, ready for paint.

The photographs in the gallery below are fillet brazed joints done by students during the 2013 class taught by Stephen Bilenky at Metal Guru. A complete account of the 2013 class can be found here and here.

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  1. […] A student list already forming for another class, please email or call (845)883-4303 ext. 2 if you are interested. A description of the class details can be found here. […]

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