A pirate’s new ship (part 2).

This post further documents Sean “Burnsey” as he progressed through his recent Fat Bike Frame Building Course at Metal Guru. The frame he chose to build was a single speed 29″+ that will fit a 29″ x 3″ tire. Other features include sliding dropouts, 44 mm head tube, bent down tube, short chain stays and a bent seat tube. The gallery below shows the steps he took from tack welding through to the finished frame. To see his initial efforts check here.


3 comments on “A pirate’s new ship (part 2).

  1. brendan says:

    Cool chainstay arch. Is that a standard/stock piece?

  2. carl snarl says:

    The chain stay yoke was purchased in “kit” form, then assembled and cut to size for this application.

  3. […] Sean a.k.a. “Burnsey” the single speed pirate opted to use a local powder coat painter for the finish work on his frame. The color he chose is called orange crush, which has a nice gold flake effect while still retaining the vibrancy of the bright orange. Sean is still planning to add logos to his frame and I’m curious as to what brand he will create to identify his new frame. Below is a gallery of the newly painted frame. Details of the construction of the frame can be found here and here. […]

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