A pirate’s new ship (part 1).

Sean or ‘Burnsey’ as he is sometimes called recently completed a single speed 29″+ fat bike frame while studying at Metal Guru. Sean chooses to ride exclusively on single speed bikes. He has been dubbed the ‘single speed pirate‘, a name that arose and then stuck from the wild and unsanctioned races that he promotes. Details of his Pirate Cross Country Series events can be found here.

Sean has ambitions to become a professional bicycle frame builder. His course quickly became more than just about creating one great frame, but how to acquire the skills and tools necessary to make his desires develop into a profession. Fortunately his ambition is  matched by a keen attention to detail and good manual dexterity.

The following gallery details his progression through the class from initial design to tube preparation for welding. The conclusion of his class will be detailed in an upcoming post.

Great work Sean!!


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  1. […] This post further documents Sean “Burnsey” as he progressed through his recent Fat Bike Frame Building Course at Metal Guru. The frame he chose to build was a single speed 29″+ that will fit a 29″ x 3″ tire. Other features include sliding dropouts, 44 mm head tube, bent down tube, short chain stays and a bent seat tube. The gallery below shows the steps he took from tack welding through to the finished frame. To see his initial efforts check here. […]

  2. […] is a gallery of the newly painted frame. Details of the construction of the frame can be found here and […]

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