FTW (Frank Teaches Welding).

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee Frank Wadelton AKA Frank the Welder was recently in-house at Metal Guru as a guest instructor teaching an aluminum frame welding seminar.

Frank was able to help make sense of that mysterious element with periodic number 13 for students and provided very thorough explanations and demonstrations of the aluminum bicycle frame fabrication process. Topics discussed included machining, tube preparation, welding technique, electrodes, filler materials, tack welding, weld sequence, preheating, frame alignment and post weld heat treatments. Also discussed were solutions to possible problems and pitfalls.

This information will provide a great starting point for those interested in the aluminum frame building process but not familiar enough with it to confidently begin building on their own. The gallery below provides some of the highlights from the welding portion of the seminar.

The usual suspects

L to R: Stosh T., Brett Baumann (Burnside Forge), Jhonatan Moloon (Solistice Metalworks), Frank Wadelton (Frank the Welder), Carl Schlemowitz (Metal Guru/Vicious Cycles), Drew Guldalian (Engin Cycles), Tim L., Rich Adams (Rich Adams Bicycles).

On behalf of Frank and myself we would like to say thank you to all who attended. For those who missed out there is already an attendee list forming for a second seminar, please email metalguru@viciouscycles.com or call (845)883-4303 ext. 2 if you are interested. A description of the first seminar is available here.


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  1. christine guarino says:

    Nice snarl!! Sounds like business is good!!

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  4. […] To see a brief summary and some photos of the previous Seminars check here and here. […]

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