This bike goes to eleven.

While you are out riding your ten-speed bike in high gear where can you go from there? You’re at ten, all the way up. Nowhere. Exactly.

Well, when Stosh T. needs that extra push off the cliff, do you know what he does? He shifts to eleven. It’s one faster, isn’t it? It’s not ten.

While studying at Metal Guru Stosh T. decided to create an eleven speed internally geared road frame with larger tires to soak up the bumps and potholes, yet lively enough perform quick maneuvers in the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Equipped with rack, fender and additional water bottle mounts this bike is also ready to venture outside of the city on whatever back road Stosh T. chooses.

The following gallery includes some photos that document the progress Stosh T. made while creating this new bike at Metal Guru.

Good work Stosh.


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