Six-Eleven welds.

Aaron Dykstra of Six-Eleven Bicycle Co., an award winning builder of beautiful lugged and fillet brazed bicycles, recently attended Metal Guru for a custom bicycle welding class.


Aaron had the desire to add welding to his repertoire of bicycle building skills. He turned to Metal Guru so he could learn the specifics of welding as it pertains to bicycle frame building rather than just the general instruction he would gain if he attended a local technical school. With his attention to detail and good hand eye coordination he was very quick to become proficient at running weld beads. His prior bicycle building experience allowed him to easily grasp the subtleties of the welding sequence as it relates to frame alignment.

The frame he built was a 650B (AKA 27.5″) geared mountain bike with a chain stay disc brake mount.

The following photographs show his progress through the class. Great work Aaron!


7 comments on “Six-Eleven welds.

  1. The work looks really nice. Aaron builds some nice bikes. I will be waiting to see where he takes his new welding skills in the future.

  2. Bikehound says:

    Looking at the photos the chainstays – who shaped them? Was that part of the class or did you buy them like that?
    Nice work btw. Very nice work.

    • carl snarl says:

      This class in particular covered only the welding and alignment phases of construction, so Aaron arrived with the chain stays already formed and mitered. However, the full-length Metal Guru frame building class does include both forming and mitering.

  3. Bikehound says:

    Ah ok thanks that kind of makes more sense. I have to admit the more I read the more I realise how strong my desire is to build the whole bike now including the frame, not just assemlbe the components to it.

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